Agro Installment

Credit Purchases for Persons Engaged in Agricultural Business

 Grace Periods and Seasonal Payments

  • Without salary or salary permit
  • Without first installment
  • Without deposit or guarantors
  • For business as well as for family needs
  • For debtors of any banks or credit organizations
  • Grace periods and seasonal payments
  • Managing credit purchases through SMS

 With credit purchase you can buy the following:

  • Home appliances and computer technologies, audio-video equipment
  • furniture, metaloplastics, and repairing materials
  • Cashboxes
  • Parts of automobiles and mechanized technologies

Form making the Loan Application:

  • Send the text Cr through SMS at the following number: 91000
  • Go to, choose “ from the home page and follow the instructions
  • Click on Credo Bank’s button on  the home page of Pay Box and follow the instructions.

After making the application, wait for our phone call. Our operator will contact you and make proper consultations