Installment Card

Credo Bank is an innovator company focused on the news and oriented on offering the comfort service to its customers. 

The Crop Card offered by Credo Bank enables customers to make credit purchases necessary for agricultural activities in frames of pre-approved credit limit.

Rules of using the Crop Card:

  • It is admissible to use the card in different stores to make various gradual purchases within 14 months after approving the limit.
  • Renewal of the limit is possible at any time.
  • Covering the used limit is possible during receiving the card on a date and within the period of time agreed upon with a credit officer.
  • The amount of money to be paid will be communicated through SMS while using the card.

Purchases that can be made through the Crop Card are as follows:

  • Seeds and planting materials;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Agricultural chemicals;
  • Veterinary vaccines and medications;
  • Greenhouse polyethylene;
  • Agricultural equipment, tools and other means necessary for agricultural activities. 

In case of losing the Crop Card:

  • It is desirable to block the card so that the finder can not use its limit.
  • Inform your credit officer that you have lost the card; they will help you make the new one. 

To apply for the Crop  Card:

  • Send the text Cr through SMS at the following number: 91000.
  • Go to, choose “ from the home page and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Credo’s button onthe home page of Pay Box and follow the instructions.

After making the application, wait for our phone call. Our operator will contact you and make proper consultations