Local Debit Card

Credo Bank is an innovator company focused on the news and oriented on offering the comfort service to its customers. 

Credo Bank offers the Wish Card to its customers for purchasing the household appliances and consumer goods audio and video appliances.

  • Household appliances and consumer goods audio and video appliances.
  • within 14 months since the permission of the limit.
  • Limit upgrade is possible at any time

Purchases that can be made through the Wish Card:

  • Home appliances and audio-video equipment;
  • Computer technologies;
  • Furniture;
  • Parts of automobiles and mechanized technologies;
  • You can also get ophthalmologic consultation, or buy the desired eyewear (sun glasses or spectacles for eyesight) at Roniko and Kenari stores.
  • Have fast consultation and buy desired medications at a partner pharmacy store.
  • Buy desired oil products at Credo’s partner petrol and gas stations.
  • Go on holidays to Georgian resorts at Credo’s partner hotels.  

To apply for the Wish  Card:

  • Send the text Cr through SMS at the following number: 91000.
  • Go to www.credo.ge, choose “ from the home page and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Credo’s button onthe home page of Pay Box and follow the instructions.

After making the application, wait for our phone call. Our operator will contact you and make proper consultations