How shall I find out about Credo Bank vacancies?

Vacancies are announced on http://www.jobs.ge/ and http://www.hr.com.ge/. Also you can see vacancy information on our web site.  In Georgian regions information about vacancy is announced by local media (local radio, television and newspaper). Also you can get information about Credo vacancies from Credo Bank representatives in villages.

How shall I submit Job Application?

Fill in application form on Credo Bank’s website or bring motivation letter and CV in Credo Bank’s Office


When testing will take place after vacancy deadline?

Testing will be conducted maximum within 2 weeks from vacancy deadline. Applicants will get SMS if they are selected for testing.


What kind of testing will be conducted in Credo Bank?

Selection testing is conducted by general IQ skills test.


What are selection criteria for a particular vacancy?

Employee selection and hiring is based solely on applicant’s professional as well as behavioral skills and competencies.


What should I do if I cannot show up on scheduled testing time?

First of all you should inform us that you are not able to come on scheduled testing.  You will be invited again when testing is conducted repeatedly