Credo Academy

One’s mind’s health is the most precious wealth...

There is an internal training center at Credo Bank. Credo Academy alway cares for the professional growth and development of its most precious wealth – the company’s most important asset  – its employees. Various training programs and seminars are offered by the Academy to our employees to enhance qualifacation and develop professional skills. Proper trainings are pre-selected for each person employed at our company, regardless their stage of progress or the position. 

There are 3 training centers in  Credo Bank throughout Georgia . The Imereti Training center – that is located in Kutaisi has been functioned for several years. In 2015 our company has opened a new training center in Kakheti, particularly in Gurjaani. Hence, professional training and testing is carried

In 2015 except training center Credo Bank has opened a new education center in Tbilisi-Campus. Each employee is being trained and taught the complete training module, which will favor them for further professional development. Simultaneously 50 participants of the training can attend the different training courses. The comfortable bedrooms are to be in this building. The testing room is made for the employees form different parts of Georgia, where they are able to write and participate online in a quite convenient regime.

Credo Bank employees are to be able to pass training courses as well in Georgia as beyond its border –abroad. The master’s program is to finance through the company to the employees of strategic position.

From 2015 Credo Academy provides the internal program that is intended for the managers’ development in which 30 heads of the 30 branches has already participated.