Agro business Loans

Agro Business Loans

Agro business loans are offered to the persons engaged in agricultural activities. You will have possibility via to widen your business area and get the loan with the flexible financial service.

Credo Bank offers:

  • loans without mortgage
  • To get the loan and cover it as well in dollars as in GEL
  • Simplified bail request
  • Preferential period a year  up to 10 months
  • Short text massage- for loan management

Loan can be used:

  • To purchase the vegetables or the seeds of other crops 
  • To purchase the  feed of livestock ,care facilities and vaccine
  • To purchase or repairing the tractor or any other technique of machine-operator
  • To purchase the fertilizer and other cultivation facilities
  • to arrange the greenhouse facilities
  • To finance Any other business and consumer necessities

For making the Loan Application:

  • Send the text Cr through SMS at the following number: 91000.
  • Go to, choose “ from the home page and follow the instructions.
  • Click on Credo’s button on  the home page of Pay Box and follow the instructions.

After making the application, wait for our phone call. Our operator will contact you and make proper consultations