Our Core Values

The purpose of Core Values is to strengthen the sense of common understanding and bond at Credo Bank. They are foundation of organizational behavior and guide us in making decisions, underlie our work and clarify what we stand for, guide business processes and govern personal relationships. The core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. 

Team Work                      

I believe that best results come from working together as a team. Team work is our strength.


I respect my colleagues, clients, partners and community.


I am committed to develop Credo and bring better life to our clients and community.


I take full responsibility to do my job honestly.

Result Orientation

I direct each of my action towards fulfillment of common goals.


I contribute in providing better and sustainable future for us and our clients.  


I believe that we create opportunities.