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Leading microfinance organization Credo expands the chain in Samegrelo
Leading microfinance company Credo has opened the new branch in
Khobi, str Beria  # 5.
Credo has opened the sensory therapy room
Credo has opened the sensor therapy space in children development Institute on the base of Ilia State University.. The room is equipped with the high-tech devices that will support to the children with different kinds of difficulties to get the important sensor impressions for further development. 

The mentioned room is generally for children with the delays of physical or sensor development and sensor stimulation is essential for their skill’s development. They are children with autism spectrum disorder, with Down syndrome, with the problems of sensor integration and learning skills, with the specific disorder of speaking as well and with other conditions.

On the bases of individual assessment the sensor stimulation types are defined in case of requirement to work with each child: visual, hearing, tactile, perceptual motor, or olfactory channel. Sensor room favors children development that affects over their psycho-physical and social skills improvement. 

There is no other room in Georgia like this one that is equipped with modern therapy devices.  

Company Credo implements significant activities within the framework of social responsibilities with different directions. One of the main directions is to favor the people with disabilities. 

Credo carried out the significant projects within the the social responsibility projects
Leading microfinance  organization Credo assists extremely poor families throughout Georgia.

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