Cards News

Credo offers new terms to wish card holders

Credo is constantly trying to improve its own service in order to make maximum comfort to its customers for getting financial services. From now on considering the interest of the customers- the wish  card holders will have possibility to use the card in hotels located in Adjara region. The terms of offer apply in the hotels located in Batumi, Kobuleti, Kvariati and Gonio

News about techno-boom offers

Within the frame of Techno-boom mobile offers the customers have possibility to use 18 months 0% credit-purchase without paying the commission charge. The customer pays just insurance fee. The offer is valid since July 15. 24 months offer with 0% but the first three-month privileges is no longer valid. The mentioned offers replaced by the same offer but the borrower will have no 3- month privileges period.
To use this offer is just available in Techno-boom shops.

Credo offers novelty to wish card holders

Wish card holders are able to use 10-month credit-purchase with 0%-in GEL within the frame of Techno-boom mobile offer. Novelty operates without the initial deposit but commission is 8, 9%. The offer is valid since June 15, 2015.

A joint Credo and Elit Electronics action

The leading micro-finance organization Credo offers to its customers an additional novelty. The wish card holders will have possibilities to have credit-purchase without commission within 24 months in Elit Electronics shops.

Credo offers the customers the novelties

The leading micro-finance organization Credo offers the novelties to its customers; Crop-card holders will be able to use the limit on the card since February 18 and withdrawing the loan in the national currency.

Credo offers the customers a new credit-purchase product

The leading micro-finance organization Credo offers a new credit- purchase pro to its customers.

The customers who are the holders of the wish card will have an opportunity to use a commission free credit purchase in Techno-booms shops within 24 months with 3 months grace period. Using with new terms is available only purchasing items in action. The mentioned action is about to start since December 15.