You can have possibility to be the reference of your friend and suggest your friend to use finance service and you get the additional mega bonus.  

For those whom you give reference to use the loan of Credo Bank or credit purchases must have the following criteria:

  • The one who has not used Credo Bank product or credit purchases minimum within 12 months 
  • The employee in micro, small business with salary
  • Is engaged in agricultural activities or  would like to start this activity in future
  • Has a shop, bakery, Workshop, rents vehicles, is a private tutor or wishes to start an activity like those
  • has money transfers
  • Renting space or tourist inventory
  • Earn money (salary-tip)
  • premium or bonus
  • earns daily wage

If you use in other credit organization:

  • customer or business loan
  • with secured mortgage loan,
  • with a credit card
  • with Pawnshop

Transfer your financial obligation in Credo and get discount of  30%